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Call Center Data Integration

Call center data integration has become a very hot topic over the past few years as companies operating a call center have sought ways of improving efficiencies, reducing data silos and maximizing the amount of information that can be gleaned from a single call.  Call center data integration software and services have dramatically changed the efficiencies of call centers and are driving a new set of adopters.

The Mission Critical Nature of Call Center Data Integration

The reason call center data integration has become mission critical has to do with the reduction in per-call costs that is ultimately achieved through call center data integration.  Because call centers often have data in multiple systems scattered across multiple locations calls often have to be routed from operator to operator adding time to the call and cost to the transaction.  Through call center data integration each operator has access to 100% of the necessary data, reducing call wait times and resulting in significantly more efficient operations.

Increasing Customer Satisfaction with Call Center Data Integration

In addition to minimizing call costs, call center data integration can significantly improve customer satisfaction.  After call center data integration each operator has access to the data necessary to complete each call, as a result customers spend less time on hold or being routed between operators having to explain their situation each time.  Through call center data integration, call centers can achieve significantly higher customer satisfaction ratings and provide their customers with a level of service that can create a competitive advantage.

Personalize with Call Center Data Integration

Call center data integration also personalizes the individual caller experience.  With call center data integration, the representative is able to provide the caller with real time, or near real time information.  With call center data integration there is no need to put someone on hold or call for specific information about a specific customer, instead through the help of call center data integration the information is there, it's personalized, and call center data integration makes the customer feel more valued as a result.  Giving the customer a personalized experience was difficult if not impossible before call center data integration and now with call center data integration it has become a reality.

Achieving Call Center Data Integration

Once you have decided that call center data integration is right for your operation, the next question is who to entrust with the job.  As you begin to look at vendors who are available to perform data integration services you should ensure that their level of expertise goes beyond simple data integration projects and covers more complex operations that are similar to your own.  While they do not necessarily need to be call center specific, they should give you a certain amount of assurance that the organization you are dealing with is capable of performing the job.  One way to achieve this assuredness is to ask for a customer reference.  Speaking to an actual customer, asking about the complexity of the integration, the benefits and the drawbacks of the solution chosen will go a long way towards giving you a complete picture of the capabilities of the organization you have chosen.  Only when you are armed with this type of information can you make an informed decision about which vendor is right for you and which vendor can give you the best return on your investment.

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