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Introduction to Data Warehousing

An introduction to data warehousing can assist readers, or potential users, to better understand what exactly a data warehouse is and does. This article will be a brief introduction to data warehousing and some of the functions and features an introduction to data warehousing should contain. There are many different steps and processes that are involved in both building and maintaining a data warehouse. Any introduction to data warehousing should note that the project is not a simply and quick one, so every thing that can be done to make the project run smoother should be done. Any introduction to data warehousing should contain a basic what to do and what not to do portion. This introduction to data warehousing article will briefly go over those as well as other stages or functions of data warehousing.

Introduction to data warehousing, defining

Definition of data warehousing is at the core of any introduction to data warehousing. Data warehouses are essentially virtual warehouses that are able to store data from multiple sources a business might have. Data warehousing allows businesses to quickly and easily access the data in the warehouse. An introduction to data warehousing should also cover correlations, relationships, and patterns in the data entered into the system. Data warehousing has only the highest quality of data entered into the warehouse, this is to ensure that the decision support system is supporting the decision maker with the right information.

Introduction to data warehousing, planning

Any introduction to data warehousing systems must stress the importance of setting up a good foundation for the decision support system. In an introduction to data warehousing, a user must identify what it is they wish to accomplish using data warehousing. Not only do they have to identify their objectives, they must also determine if data warehousing is the best way to achieve these goals and meet their objectives. Planning is essential to the success of the entire data warehousing project. An introduction to data warehousing should stress the importance of planning in the ultimate success of the project.

Introduction to data warehousing, design and deployment

Just as important as the planning process, this introduction to data warehousing highlights the importance of design and deployment of the data warehouse. The designing phase is the step where they determine what data they want and need to realize their objective. The design phase also concerns itself with setting up guidelines for the entire project. After the design phase teams will often test the system before fully deploying the data warehousing project. Design and development, therefore, are a critical part to any introduction to data warehousing.

Introduction to data warehousing, olap and data mining

An introduction to data warehousing should briefly cover data mining and olap technologies that are often times used in conjunction with the data warehouses. An introduction to data warehousing should mention that data mining is a tool that can be utilized by users to make predictions for example. Data mining makes uses data in the data warehouse in order to do so. Online analytical processing is used to answer multidimensional queries. Both data mining and olap are technologies an introduction to data warehousing should mention.

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