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Define Data Warehousing

How does one clearly define data warehousing with multiple possible ways and sources to define data warehousing? When one hopes to define data warehousing they will soon realize that some definitions provided are shorter and less complex than others. To define data warehousing successfully the source has to define several if not all aspects and functions of data warehousing. To define data warehousing means that its definition should be more than just one sentence. Businesses need to fully understand what it takes to define data warehousing and to operate one. Understanding all the elements of data warehousing is crucial to the success of the system. If a business does not fully understand all the elements they may be surprised when the system simply fails.

Define data warehousing, brief overview

To begin to define data warehousing potential users will more than likely run into these simple definitions. A data warehouse is a virtual warehouse where data from various sources are gathered in to one central location. Other ways to define data warehousing include: The data in the data warehouse is sorted, combined based on their relationship to other data, or separated. Warehousing your data in a data warehouse makes accessing that data simpler and quicker than having data spread out and separated in different sources.

Define data warehousing, early stages

In order to properly define data warehousing, the early stages of the system must be focused on. To define data warehousing in the early stages of the process can provide users with a good foundation for the project. The more the user knows about the system, the better prepared they will be when the project in underway. The first stage of data warehousing is planning and bringing together a team that will handle the project. The management should have a clear objective and be completely on board with the team and the project. Guidelines need to be set up and all the proper resources should be set aside for the team and the project.

Define data warehousing, deploying

To define data warehousing one should define not only the early stages of the system and give a general definition of data warehousing, but it should also highlight the deployment of the system. Having a good foundation for the project will make the deployment of the decision support system a lot smoother. The deployment stage is the stage where the data, after being cleansed and purged of inconsistent data is entered into the system. Once in the system patters and relationships between the data can be discovered. Data warehousing reveals such correlations between data that otherwise would not have been known.

Define data warehousing, support and maintain

To define data warehousing only to the stage of deployment and implementation should be unacceptable. Data warehouses require maintenance and support. As time moves forward a business will have newer data that must find its way into the warehouse. Often times the whole system will require an upgrade as vendors offer better features or more efficient ways to extract information from the data.

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