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Future of Data Warehousing

No one can truly predict the future of data warehousing. Software vendors, big and small, are looking to the future of data warehousing with a positive and hopeful outlook. All the vendors wish to achieve certain goals as the need for data integration continues to grow. There are a lot of predictions for the future of data warehousing, vendors will look to the future of data warehousing like every business looks to the future. They will more than likely start with the basics, bringing down cost, and expanding market share. The future of data warehousing also involves the evolution of the decision support system, which could possibly include making the system more user friendly and approachable. This article hopes to highlight what the future of data warehousing has in store.

Future of data warehousing, in the beginning

The future of data warehousing looks very promising from several view points. But in order to try and understand the future of data warehousing one must know where data warehousing was in its early stages. In the past, data warehousing was not seen nearly as an important business tool as it is today. Extracting information from quality data in the warehouse was also not seen as essential to a businesses success. Of course that all changed with time as more and more businesses found the value in informed decision making.

Future of data warehousing, real-time data

The future of data warehousing is a very promising one. One of the most looked promises the future of data warehousing has for businesses is real-time data. In the past there has been a push towards receiving data in real-time. Typically it would take about 24 hours for the system to receive new data from the data source. Users simply cannot be content with waiting that long to get new data, they will and should continue to push for fresh data about every two hours. The future of data warehousing could make their demands a realization.

Future of data warehousing, growing user base

The future of data warehousing will continue to grow as users find the value in such a system. More and more businesses will be inclined to jump on the decision support system bandwagon. The more interesting aspect of this is that operations outside the business sphere will also begin to realize the potential of using decision support systems in their own operations. There are currently government entities that are utilizing data warehousing to gain a better understanding of their population for example. The medical field is also utilizing the decision support systems for their own projects.

Future of data warehousing and its uncertainties

Though the future of data warehousing seems to be heading in a positive direction, it is almost futile to sit down and attempt to make assumptions about the future. There are simply to many variables, both known and unknown, to fully see where the future of data warehousing will lead. Though at the moment it looks like it will continue to go in a positive direction, this can change at any moment. Businesses and other operations will be the ones that shape the future of data warehousing.

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