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for Your Critical Decisions

100% self-service, 100% browser-based, 100% in-house:
Experience business intelligence like never before.

Context! Revolutionizes the way you look at your business:
  • Combine multiple data sources quickly and easily
  • 100% point-and-click is easier to learn, means faster adoption
  • Share your insights using social BI features
  • BI Anywhere with dedicated iPad and Mobile clients
  • 100% browser-based means fast deployments, low TCO
Better for the bottom line | Cloud-BI, Inside your firewall
Bring the power of cloud-based business intelligence behind your firewall with a 100% browser-based platform that redefines ease of use and speed of deployment while saving you money.
Everyone talks about browser-based BI, but what does it mean? With EMANIO, 100% browser-based means all your work is in a browser - all the time. Whether you are an administrator, report writer or dashboard user, everything is done inside a web browser. Of course, because it's 100% browser based, Context! can be deployed to your users in minutes, while upgrading your entire user base can literally take seconds.
Empower Users | Productivity without manuals
Context! was designed with ease of use in mind right from the start. That means business users will become comfortable quickly and begin exploring their data in a fraction of the time needed with other tools.
Context! provides unmatched ease of use and flexibility to business users. Intuitive interactive controls, chart customizations filters and data visualization and discovery tools are always 100% point-and-click and always a mouse-click away.
Easier for IT | From data to dashboards, in minutes
Move from data to dashboards in minutes with a fast, easy to use business modeling engine that lets you present data to your users in logical and easy to digest ways - all without a single line of SQL code.
Data management in Context! gives administrators and view designers ultimate control. You can easily control how much data any one report generates, set up in-memory caching only for the data that needs it and limit how many reports are sent to your source database - all in seconds. And this is just the beginning. All Context! functions can be accomplished in minutes and by users who are not SQL experts. Don't believe us? Great - we'd love to show you in person how Context! can make any administrator's life easy.
Better for Power Users | Advanced reporting without nightmares
Make the life of your analysts and power users easier with the most advanced visualization and reporting tool available. Combine data sources, create advanced visuals - all in minutes - and all without a single line of SQL code.
Your power users and business analysts are the backbone of your business discovery process. Context! frees them from tedious languages and complex script-based platforms, allowing them to build interactive reports and dashboards in minutes, without sacrificing power.
Better for Your Budget | Pricing without the headaches
Who needs a 63 page price list? Make your BI investment count with an easy to understand, predictable and scalable pricing model that lets you grow your investment as you need it - without skimping on features.
EMANIO has eliminated complex multi-step pricing models. What you see is what you get. Whether you are a small company or a large enterprise you get all the features you need at prices that are easy to understand and even easier to model.
A Partial list of Context! features & benefits