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Leave frustration behind with the most intuitive BI platform available
Experience business intelligence like never before

Context! Become productive, without manuals:
Context! redefines "ease of use" with a 100% browser-based BI platform that is intuitive and lets you become productive quickly. In fact, many users won't ever need to even look at a manual to get maximum value from your BI investment. With a 100% point-and-click interface, it works the way you do.
Productive users are happy users - and that means a return on your investment worth talking about. With Context! you won't need to spend untold sums on training classes and wasted productivity while users "read up" on their new BI platform. That's because we made Context! as easy as possible - so even the most novice of users will become comfortable and productive quickly and affordably.
  • Productive Without Manuals | 100% point-and-click, any time, any feature, it's ease of use redefined
  • Dashboards Any Time Any Place| Access your BI anywhere with 100% browser-based BI and Mobile BI
  • Information, Right Now | Near real-time data access and reporting to drive decisions when they matter
  • Report and Collaborate | Share reports, discuss trends, add comments and collaborate - in real time
Don't let location be your boundary
Access your BI platform from anywhere. A 100% browser-based client means you can log in even from your kids' computer at home. At a client site? No problem, use our dedicated iPad or mobile app or just log in using the native browser - simple, efficient:
  • Access all your dashboards and reports - from any browser
  • Retain full feature functionality - even on mobile devices
  • Dedicated mobile app for your iPad or Mobile phone
  • Use charts on mobile devices without reformatting them
  • Secure data access - no matter where you are accessing from
Decisions are made in real-time, is your BI keeping pace?
Your business changes in real time, shouldn't your BI platform keep up? With Context! you can bypass costly and time-consuming data warehouses and data marts and connect directly to production systems. That means you can see how your data is changing your business within minutes of it coming to you.
  • Refresh data as often as every 60 seconds
  • Connect to data warehouses, data marts or directly to your back-end systems
  • Upload spreadsheets or CSV files to use your own data
  • Administrators can monitor and control refresh intervals and performance
Don't just report, share your vision
The information contained within your BI system tells only half the story. What's the insight behind the data? What is the relevance of the data being reported? With Context! you gain a full cooperative BI platform that gives you the ability to comment on reports, engage in discussions - all around your data.
  • One-click access to comments and notes on reports
  • Post reports on discussion groups and engage with other users
  • Publish charts to Sharepoint and your Intranet in one click
  • Export charts to multiple formats in a single step
  • Email reports to users inside or outside the BI system
A Partial list of Context! features & benefits