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Empower Users,
Minimize Risk

Empower your users without adding pain to your IT staff
Experience business intelligence like never before

Context! Get started in hours, not weeks:
Cloud-based business intelligence can provide instant benefits. But are you really comfortable letting your data outside your firewall? Why not get the best of both worlds? Context! is 100% Cloud-BI software that you install behind your firewall!
Context! can be installed in under one hour - that's because we provide you with a self-guided installer that takes care of everything. Application server, database connections, in-memory setup - it all gets taken care of automatically and with minimal input - making the Context! installation one of the easiest - and most affordable - you will ever have. Setting up your users is just as easy. Create a list of users, import it and you are done. Now just send out an email to your employees to give them instant access. No fuss, no muss.
  • Deploys in Weeks, Not Months | 100% browser-based platform means no messy and costly local installations
  • Reduce IT Burden | A platform that enables true self-service, offloading the reporting task to business users and analysts
  • From Data to Dashboard in Minutes | 100% drag-and-drop data management to make your job easier
  • User Freedom Without IT Strain | Manage performance and in-memory analysis seamlessly and dynamically - with little effort
Business Intelligence without IT overload
Empower your users without creating more work for your IT staff. Context! is revolutionary in its ease of use and powerful enough for even the most voracious analyst:
  • 100% point-and-click interface minimizes learning time
  • Full drag-and-drop report creation enables self-service
  • Advanced functionality without having to learn SQL code
  • Ironclad security lets you control data down to the individual record
From data to dashboards, in minutes
Context! lets you make quick work of even the most complicated business models. With a 100% drag-and-drop data management interface it lets you build data views in record time, with unparalleled control:
  • Build business models with 100% drag-and-drop or SQL - you choose
  • Create custom fields as needed to augment your data
  • Manage performance by limiting how much data is returned to a report
  • Control data access all the way down to the record level
  • Leverage Cubes, SQL databases, even Excel quickly and easily
Give users freedom, without risk
Bring the power of self-service BI without sacrificing security. Context! security lets you customize what users can do and see. Better yet, re-purpose your LDAP or Active Directory for security.
  • Assign users to roles to control features and groups to control access
  • Field-level security to enable write once, report anywhere
  • Cache data in RAM or on disk at the view level
  • Keep data sources humming by limiting report access and refresh intervals
  • Dependency cross-checking warns you before you delete important data
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