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Predictive Analytics

See how 'intuitive predictive analytics'
no longer needs to be an oxymoron.

Insight! Predictive analytics, no heavy lifting:
EMANIO Insight! redefines ease of use for data mining and predictive analytics. Designed with business users in mind, it brings all the power of data mining without the complex scripting and obtuse user interfaces you have been accustomed to in the past. Don't let the ease of use fool you, however, Insight! can satisfy the data mining requirements of even the most sophisticated analyst.
Already have a data mining and predictive analytics platform? Of course - but how quickly can you build your models? How much planning is involved? What if you could leverage the power of an 100% point-and-click interface and in-memory analysis to help you cut your workload in half? Intrigued? Insight! is for you.
  • Build models quickly | 100% point-and-click, any time, any feature, it's ease of use redefined
  • The power of data mining | Rule and decision-tree analysis that is the core of predictive analytics
  • Spreadsheet friendly | Leverage spreadsheets as data sources quickly and easily
  • Enterprise ready | Attach to SQL data sources in seconds
The power of point-and-click data mining
Your enterprise data mining software is fine for building models that will crunch through terabytes of data - but it also takes you months of work to get it ready. What if your predictive analytics needs require fast turnaround for a smaller project? What if you want to model your larger project before committing valuable resources? Insight! solves the problem with power and ease of use:
  • 100% in-memory analysis to crunch through large data sets in seconds
  • 100% point-and-click to build rules and decision trees with ease
  • XML-based portable file format lets you share your work with other users and collaborate
  • Multiple output options to share your results
The power of data mining - on a budget
Getting the power of data mining and predictive analytics into your hands no longer has to mean managing an enterprise budget. That's because EMANIO Insight! starts at just $1,995. It gives you the entry price you need with the features you want:
  • 10MB application installs on your desktop in seconds
  • Works in MS Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7
  • Easy enough for novices with modest computers
  • Fast enough for pros with the most horsepower
Model your models
So you have that big business model you need to build inside your SPSS or SAS data mining engine - problem is, it will take you weeks just to understand what not to do. There is a better way. Insight! gives you all the features you need to narrow down your variables, making modeling faster and easier:
  • Full statistical analysis lets you quickly and easily understand your data
  • Eliminate outliers with exception reporting and analysis
  • Build rule-based models or leverage decision-tree analysis
  • Create what-if scenarios to test out your results
A Partial list of Context! features & benefits
  • 100% Point-and-Click | Create reports in minutes with no code
  • Multi-data sources | Combine multiple data sources with just clicks
  • Wizard Control | Begin your first project by simply following a multi-step wizard
  • Fine-tune Parameters| Control rule and decision-tree creation parameters
  • One-click data analysis | Create statistical data analysis with a single click
  • Collapsible Interface | Hide the parts of the software you are not using for maximum focus
  • Automated Visualizations | Automatically generate pie charts and bar graphs
  • Export Control| One-Click export to XLS, XLSX, Text and more
  • Support for unstructured data | Use any text file as a data source
  • Full MS Excel support | Support both XLS and XLSX files
  • Enterprise data support | MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL and more
  • In-Memory | Automatically load data in-memory for rapid analysis
  • Multi-core support | Leverage the power of multiple cores for maximum performance
  • Self-contained data file | Share projects with others by emailing a self-contained XML file
  • Rule Induction | Create rule-based analysis with a wizard or through point-and-click
  • Decision-tree analysis | Build decision trees based on specific parameters