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Data Mining
at its Best

The power of predictive analytics
the ease of use that made EMANIO famous.

Insight! The Best from Data Mining:
Insight! brings the best methodologies from the world of data mining and predictive analytics into a nimble, easy to use, yet extremely powerful package that makes it easy to analyze hundreds of thousands of records, using powerful technologies like rule induction and decision-tree analysis to bring models to life.
Powered by the blazingly-fast predictive logic framework, Insight! leverages multi-core CPUs and the large amounts of RAM available on modern desktops and laptops to create predictive models on the fly - with ease and without ever having to write a single line of script.
  • Build models quickly | 100% point-and-click, any time, any feature, it's ease of use redefined
  • The power of data mining | Rule and decision-tree analysis that is the core of predictive analytics
  • Spreadsheet friendly | Leverage spreadsheets as data sources quickly and easily
  • Enterprise ready | Attach to SQL data sources in seconds
Comprehensive connectivity
Any data mining and predictive analytics package is only as strong as its ability to connect to your data. That's why Insight! provides native support for a wide array of data types and sources - ranging from unstructured text files to enterprise databases:
  • Support CSV and unstructured text files
  • MS Excel support - Including .XLSX support
  • Connectivity to MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL and more
  • MS Access databases
A collapsible multi-pane interface
Insight! makes it easy to focus on the work at hand by providing you with an intuitive, collapsible, multi-pane user interface that lets you hide the features and sections you don't need - focusing on what's important:
  • Create statistical analysis and variance reports in seconds
  • Control rule and decision-tree determination parameters
  • Wizard control for more novice users
Analyze, share, cooperate
Most predictive analytics and data mining projects might be done by one analyst - but what do you do when you need others to provide their input? With Insight! it's easy. Simply email the Insight! data file and your coworker can continue where you left off - without even needing access to the data source!
  • XML-based file system with self-contained information
  • Export to XLS, XLSX, Text, or PDF
  • Generate charts and reports in a single click
A Partial list of Context! features & benefits
  • 100% Point-and-Click | Create reports in minutes with no code
  • Multi-data sources | Combine multiple data sources with just clicks
  • Wizard Control | Begin your first project by simply following a multi-step wizard
  • Fine-tune Parameters| Control rule and decision-tree creation parameters
  • One-click data analysis | Create statistical data analysis with a single click
  • Collapsible Interface | Hide the parts of the software you are not using for maximum focus
  • Automated Visualizations | Automatically generate pie charts and bar graphs
  • Export Control| One-Click export to XLS, XLSX, Text and more
  • Support for unstructured data | Use any text file as a data source
  • Full MS Excel support | Support both XLS and XLSX files
  • Enterprise data support | MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL and more
  • In-Memory | Automatically load data in-memory for rapid analysis
  • Multi-core support | Leverage the power of multiple cores for maximum performance
  • Self-contained data file | Share projects with others by emailing a self-contained XML file
  • Rule Induction | Create rule-based analysis with a wizard or through point-and-click
  • Decision-tree analysis | Build decision trees based on specific parameters