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Business Planning
with Science

Leverage the power of data mining
to build more accurate business plans
Insight! The power of science, behind your planning:
Bring the power of data mining and predictive analytics to bear on your business. Leverage historical data to create dynamic business models that will accurately forecast your business potential.
Making the right business decisions often has more to do with instinct than science. Now you change that. With EMANIO Insight! you can use the power of data mining and predictive analytics to help create dynamic predictive business models that will help you make better and more profitable choices.
  • Productive Without Manuals | 100% point-and-click, any time, any feature, it's ease of use redefined
  • Get Started in Minutes | Wizard-based scenario builder gets you started right away
  • In Memory Performance | Leverage the power of in-memory analysis to crunch through large volumes of data quickly
  • Excel, SQL - You Name it | Use your own excel-based data, or attach to enterprise systems just as easily
Data mining in one week
Sound impossible? Data mining after all is supposedly difficult, requires scripting and the kind of training that can cost you dearly - right? Not any more. With EMANIO Insight! you get the power of data mining and predictive analytics - without the heavy lifting:
  • 100% point-and-click interface makes data mining easy
  • Walk-through wizard lets you create your first model in minutes
  • Leverage data from any data source - even Excel
  • Analyze data and make changes on the fly to see how small changes will impact your business
Speed, without the price
Of course, data mining is all about analyzing large volumes of data. That's why Insight! uses a 100% in-memory analysis engine to load your data set in your computer's RAM - giving you blazing performance to build business models on the fly:
  • Leverage the speed of in-memory analysis for blazing performance
  • Build what-if scenarios in seconds
  • Change variables and explore the benefits and risks of your plans
Share your plans
Working on business models frequently involves multiple people. Insight! can help you there as well. Insight! uses a powerful and small XML-based file structure to contain all your rules and business models so you can quickly send information to other users - regardless of whether they have access to the original data source:
  • Share your analysis with other users without sharing your data source
  • Collaborate by simply emailing one file across multiple users
  • Export data back to excel for final reports and distribution
  • Export to PDF
A Partial list of Context! features & benefits
  • 100% Point-and-Click | Create reports in minutes with no code
  • Multi-data sources | Combine multiple data sources with just clicks
  • Wizard Control | Begin your first project by simply following a multi-step wizard
  • Fine-tune Parameters| Control rule and decision-tree creation parameters
  • One-click data analysis | Create statistical data analysis with a single click
  • Collapsible Interface | Hide the parts of the software you are not using for maximum focus
  • Automated Visualizations | Automatically generate pie charts and bar graphs
  • Export Control| One-Click export to XLS, XLSX, Text and more
  • Support for unstructured data | Use any text file as a data source
  • Full MS Excel support | Support both XLS and XLSX files
  • Enterprise data support | MS SQL, Oracle, MySQL and more
  • In-Memory | Automatically load data in-memory for rapid analysis
  • Multi-core support | Leverage the power of multiple cores for maximum performance
  • Self-contained data file | Share projects with others by emailing a self-contained XML file
  • Rule Induction | Create rule-based analysis with a wizard or through point-and-click
  • Decision-tree analysis | Build decision trees based on specific parameters