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Data Warehousing Development

There are several very important steps to data warehousing development users must follow in order to ensure a successful data warehousing development project. Data warehousing development is such a crucial for many businesses who wish to take advantage of the decision support system. It is wise for users to fully grasp as much as they can on how to define a successful data warehousing development project. Data warehousing development is by no means an easy project to undergo. Data warehousing development must be handled correctly and with care. Data warehousing development also requires a very talented team that is both trained and experienced in data warehousing development. This article will highlight some of the steps businesses should consider before, during, and after the data warehousing development.

Data warehousing development, planning

Data warehousing development requires a lot of planning before anything is every physically done. The planning process in data warehousing development must first start off with a very simple question. The question may vary from one company to the next. But essentially everyone must ask, what does my business or operation hope to achieve? By answering this question an objective is established. So the business has a goal to reach, the next step in the planning process would be to get a team of trained and experienced individuals to handle the data warehousing development. Once the team is assembled they can begin to set up guidelines and begin designing the project to meet their goals.

Data warehousing development, designing

Once the team guidelines and objectives are clear, they can begin to design the data warehouse. Designing a data warehouse can be just as tricky as planning, implementing, or maintaining. The team must first consider what kind of data should be used in order to accomplish the users' objectives and goals. The team must also consider exactly how big the data warehousing project will be, and if they should attempt to scale it down. Often times the team will decide to build various data marts that are smaller and simpler to handle.

Data warehousing development, developing the data warehouse

After the designing stage in the data warehousing development process is complete, the team can now begin to physically develop the system. The team has already selected which data they wish to use in the designing stage and they can now begin the pre-data cleansing. Pre-data cleansing is basically a way to filter out unwanted or irrelevant data that is of little or no use to the team. Often times before they fully begin this process they test the system to see if it is what they need and wanted. If all goes well and the data they require is of good quality, it makes its way into the data warehouse.

Data warehousing development, managing

The data warehousing development process is just about complete once the planning design, and development processes are done with. However new data is more than likely to continue to be entered into the data warehouse. This is good news for the business because they can continue to report and analyze fresh data instead of only using old and possible out of date data. Often times managing the data warehouse also means upgrading you entire system as new upgrades become available.

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