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Data Conversion

In its simplest definition data conversion is the process of converting data from one file format to another.  For example, changing the encoding of a text file from the ISO-8859-1 to UTF8 format is a form of data conversion.  At a business level however the primary use for data conversion is the process of taking data from one system and transferring it to a second system after the data has been somehow modified for the target system.  With this type of data conversion you might for instance translate a transaction document (for instance an invoice) saved in an XML format into it's EDI equivalent.  Since the two files (XML and EDI) are completely different from each other, the process of translating the data is known as data conversion.

Why Use Data Conversion

This process of using data conversion for file transformation is very useful in the modern business environment.  It's a generally accepted principle that one computer's output tends to become another computer's input.  In a perfect world that exchange of data would be seamless, but because in reality it isn't, data conversion comes to the rescue.  The business benefits of data conversion mostly focus around enabling business to business communication.  Whether the data conversion is happening to enable internal communication or external, the business benefits of reduced processing time, increased productivity and better process management are clear.

What You Need For Data Conversion

In order to enable data conversion you will need a file transformation software product.  While there are a number of tools that can enable the data conversion process, one of the more frequently used ones is what's known as an Extract Transform and Load tool.  ETL tools allow for the data conversion process to take place in a simple, speedy and efficient manner.  As a small or mid-sized business looking to enable data conversion in your organization the first step will be in identifying companies like EMANIO that can provide you with an affordable, easy to deploy and reliable data conversion tool.

Finding the Right Partner for Data Conversion

Beyond finding a reliable company that can provide the data conversion tool, you should also try to identify companies that can help you in the process.  While there are a number of new and easy to use data conversion applications, the process can still be challenging for a first time user.  Most data conversion software companies also provide services.  It's a good idea to ensure that the data conversion company you work with has expert assistance available to show you how to get the most out of their tool quickly.

Benefits of Data Conversion

While the benefits of this process are well known and quantified in the Enterprise space, finding a reliable source of product and services for data conversion that serves the SMB market can be more challenging.  When searching for such an organization you should begin the process by ensuring that you understand the types of conversions you need to perform - arming yourself with the necessary features that your product will need in order to provide maximum benefit to your company.  Once you have identified the companies that have the right product you should also take some time to consider each company's background, the amount of experience they offer and the amount of support they will be able to provide as you begin the learning process.  With the right tool and the right company you will be on your way to success.

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