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IBM Data Warehousing

InfoSphere warehousing is the entry for IBM data warehousing technology. IBM data warehousing claims to have the "most comprehensive data warehousing solution in the industry." InfoSphere warehousing was announced on February 2008 as part of the Info Sphere line of product for their information on demand initiative. This article will cover some of the services and features IBM's InfoSphere warehouse can offer to users.

IBM data warehousing, Info Sphere warehouse autonomics

IBM data warehousing offers users autonomic features to make the design phase as easy and worry free as possible. The autonomic feature of IBM data warehousing automatically tunes your warehouse so that it is performing at its optimal level of efficiency. This feature automatically increasing your storage size when more data is available, it's a worry free function that is very attractive to many potential buyers. The worry about managing the growth of your storage unit is a thing of the past with IBM data warehousing. The autonomic feature is a self relying function that takes over tasks that would otherwise be left up to the user to deal with, saving both time and money.

IBM data warehousing and data movement

Data movement is one of the biggest challenges in a data warehousing project. IBM data warehousing offers an easy to use ETL feature. Before users would have to painfully extract the data from the source, transform and then load into the data warehouse for data mining and analysis. InfoSphere offers users a set of tools that dramatically ease the burden of the entire ETL process. IBM data warehousing gives the user tools that allow them to simply drag and drop data into their warehouse. In turn this allows the user to easily retrieve data from other sources.

IBM data warehousing availability

One of the many concerns with data warehousing is the availability of the system to the user. The reason it is such a huge concern is because if it is not available at all times then opportunities can and most likely will be missed, even if the system is unavailable for a short period of time. IBM data warehousing allows users to access their data warehouse any time and any day so that such opportunities are never missed. IBM data warehousing also allows users to make any changes they wish without having to completely shut down the whole system rendering it unavailable for anyone to use during that moment.

IBM data warehousing and data mining

IBM data warehousing also offers data mining. Data mining is a useful part of IBM data warehousing because it can assist users in better understanding their clients and meet their needs. Data mining can reveal what customers are purchasing, when they are purchasing certain products, and how they chose to buy the available products. IBM data warehousing is also able to find new market opportunities and product combinations. IBM data warehousing also does the data mining in the internal system instead of moving the data into external sources.

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