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EDI Software with Integration & Reports
EMANIO'S Trading Partner

* Learn and use in 1 day
* Automate all EDI tasks - no manual data entry
* Powerful integration with ERP & accounting systems
* Excellent reports on all EDI tasks and transactions

Stop wasting time and money with EDI and start leveraging your EDI data to make better financial decisions.


Easy EDI Software with Strong Integration & Reporting

EMANIO's Trading Partner

  • Learn and use in 1 day
  • Automate all EDI tasks - no manual data entry
  • Powerful integration with ERP & accounting systems
  • Excellent reports on all EDI tasks and transactions 

Dependable EDI Software

As a business where can you turn? EMANIO has helped thousands of companies with its TradingPartner™ EDI software to ensure a smooth, reliable and profitable EDI experience. For over a decade our TradingPartner™ EDI software has been shown to be the easiest EDI software to install, one of the most reliable and dependable and now one of the most affordable.

EDI software mapping that is quick and easy

EDI software integration without the hassle. TradingPartner Integrator™ comes pre-configured to be integrated with common ERP and Accounting systems. Install, configure and the EDI software just works.

EDI software that expands as you need. Add support for trading partners as you need. EMANIO's EDI software trading partner kits allow you to add support for new trading partners in as little as 5 minutes. With over 200 EDI software kits to choose from you know we have the ones you need.

Get the help you need. TradingPartner integrator™ comes with a free 2 hour getting started session with our professional services team, and the knowledge that you will be at the top of the list in our EDI software support queues when you need help.

An EDI software package that is robust and reliable. With thousands of installations, hundreds of thousands of hours of uptime and one of the most reliable packages in the industry you know your EDI software will be available when you need it.

EDI software integration without hassle

Install the EDI software in 15 minutes. Getting started couldn't be easier. Our installation wizard walks you through the entire installation process and will have you up and running in as little as 15 minutes.

Pre-configured EDI data integration maps. TradingPartner integrator comes pre-configured with EDI software integration maps for popular accounting and ERP packages. Getting started is just a question of configuring your integration. Best of all, it comes with a free 2 hour installation and configuration session where we will do the set up work for you.

17,000 EDI transactions per minute. The engine that powers TradingPartner Integrator™ EDI software can handle up to 17,000 transactions per minute, so you know you have enterprise class power under your belt.

Integrated EDI software that expands as you need

Add new trading partners in minutes. Adding support for new trading partners is a snap. Just launch our EDI software installer and TradingPartner will take care of the rest, then just start trading.

Full automation of all EDI software tasks. TradingPartner Integrator™ gives you the full power of sophisticated EDI software. Add email notifications, automated tasks triggered by EDI events and numerous other advanced functions are easily accessible and just as easy to learn.

Complete data integration with your EDI software. Because TradingPartner Integrator™ is based on our Unite! and TradingPartner suites it gives you the peace of mind of knowing that when you are ready for more power your EDI software is ready with you. Simply upgrade your EDI software and your existing maps will work – no hassles, no worries, your investment is safe.

Get the help you want with your EDI software

Get EDI integration, without work. 88% of data integration projects with EDI software fail or run severely behind schedule and over budget. Why? Lack of in-house expertise. EMANIO is there to help! We give you a free 2-hour 'getting started' session with our professional services team during which they will help you install and configure the EDI software to work with your ERP system. Need more help? Additional services are easy to purchase and add, just ask us.

Support from your EDI software vendor. TradingPartner Integrator™ EDI software customers get priority support*. That means that when you need to talk to our service team we will bump you to the top of the list and ensure that your problems are taken care of quickly.

EDI software with proven reliability. With over 3,000 installations world-wide EMANIO TradingPartner™ powers EDI for both small and large organizations globally. Over 10 years of development make TradingPartner an EDI software product organizations have come to rely on.

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