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Data Integration
Integration maximized

* When fast isn't fast enough you need 20,000,000 records per day
* Create many-to-many maps in record time with no headaches
* Reliability? How does a 99% uptime record in 4 years sound ?

Stop wasting time on data integration tools and start Uniting your systems today. Try it yourself and be amazed

UNITE! Overview

How hard is it stay on top of your company's use of data? If the answer to that question gave you pause, then you are not alone. Data proliferation in organizations of all sizes brings with it headaches associated to managing systems and ensuring that data is used effectively across the organization in a uniform manner.

The challenge of data

As small and mid-sized organizations have grown over the past decade, their use and retention of data has escalated at exponential rates. Ensuring consistency, accuracy and minimizing the redundancy of data sources is now a challenge faced by organizations of all sizes. Moving data between multiple systems while ensuring the process is done correctly and with minimal disruption to the organization are challenges faced by all.

The answer of course, is data integration. Finding the right data integration tool, however, can prove significantly harder. As modern organizations begin to automate the process of using and managing data, finding the right solution that can provide the power, speed, flexibility and affordability necessary can be a daunting task.

Power, Flexibility, Speed, Affordability

It begins with a core engine that can move data at over 20,000,000 records per day. Unite! 2.0 provides enterprise-grade data integration capabilities to help small and mid-sized organizations manage the simplest -and most complicated - data integration and migration projects with minimal disruption. Coupled with broad support for data types and an easy to use interface, Unite! provides speed with the flexibility smaller businesses need.

Unite! makes data integration easy in three key ways:
Lower Operational Costs

Automating the process of moving data between systems is faster and easier than ever before with an intuitive drag-and-drop interface that makes map creation simple and fast.

Long Term Scalability

A processing engine that can transfer over 20,000,000 records per day gives companies the type of scalability that enterprise organizations have benefited from. With this kind of horse power you can rely on your integration solution growing with your business for years to come.

Unmatched Flexibility

A unique and easy to use many to many data mapping model allows data mappers to create links between multiple disparate systems with minimal effort while attaining maximum speed and efficiency.

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