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EDI Software with Integration & Reports
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* Learn and use in 1 day
* Automate all EDI tasks - no manual data entry
* Powerful integration with ERP & accounting systems
* Excellent reports on all EDI tasks and transactions

Stop wasting time and money with EDI and start leveraging your EDI data to make better financial decisions.


EDI Translation Software

EDI translation software is often also referred to as EDI software or simply an EDI translator. The function of EDI translation software is to transform EDI from an organization specific format to one that is accepted by another organization. The EDI translation software interprets a document and ‘translates’ it into one that conforms to a structured EDI format as prescribed by various standards bodies. The EDI translation software is also capable of performing this function in reverse enabling the exchange of documents using EDI. EDI translation software is available for a broad range of operating systems and computers – ranging from mainframes to PCs and from Windows to Linux. EDI translation software has been available for some time from vendors like EMANIO. Our EDI translation software (known as Trading Partner) is used by over 2,000 companies world-wide, one of the most popular EDI translation software packages available.

How EDI Translation Software is Used

The process used by EDI translation software is very similar in nature to a manual order process. Imagine a scenario where a company places an order for goods with a vendor. The process might look something like this:

Identify the information necessary to create a purchase order.
Collect your vendor specific information like address and contact information.
Arrange the information on a purchase order
Send the purchase order to your vendor.

The EDI translation software performs the same tasks to create and remit an EDI message; all four of the above tasks are performed by the EDI translation software in the following sequence:

EDI mapping
Extraction and conversion of data
Generation of an outbound message or interpretation of an inbound message by the EDI translation software
Communication of EDI data over a network

Selecting Your EDI translation Software

The process of selecting your EDI translation software begins with understanding your business requirements. The type of EDI translation software you choose will depend on the size of your organization, the amount of automation you wish to have and the amount of control you wish to have over your EDI translation software. When selecting a vendor of EDI translation software you should also consider the support question. While EDI translation software has become significantly easier to use over the past few years, the process of using EDI translation software can require support and a certain level of hand-holding that your vendor will need to provide. EMANIO, with over 2,000 users of its EDI translation software around the world, is one of the premier suppliers of EDI translation software for small and mid-sized businesses. We have gained a reputation as a provider of reliable and easy to use EDI translation software with a support team second to none.

What Type of EDI Translation Software is Right for You?

EDI translation software is available across a broad spectrum of vendors and with a number of features. From web based EDI translation software with few features to EDI translation software that sends your data directly to your ERP or accounting system. Many small business don’t consider this second type of EDI translation software because of the initial cost. While the up-front investment of EDI translation software that maps your data directly to your ERP system may seem high, the long-term benefits of this EDI translation software are well documented. EDI translation software that maps data to your in-house systems can help you reduce costly overhead dedicated to data entry clerks while also saving you significantly in lowered costs due to data entry errors. An additional benefit of EDI translation software that maps to your in-house system is the significantly higher processing speed an automated system can achieve.

Is Integrated EDI Translation Software Right for You?

In order to answer the question, consider this scenario: A business processing 10 EDI transactions per day manually will spend in excess of $17,000 each year processing transactions manually from their EDI translation software. For a business of this size an integrated EDI translation software system would not cost much more, providing a return on investment easily in the first year. Once you factor the costs associated with data entry mistakes caused by manually processing data received by your EDI translation software, the pay-back time for investing in fully integrated EDI translation software becomes even shorter. EMANIO has been powering EDI for its customers using an integrated EDI translation software product for many years. Our EDI translation software is easy to set up and even easier to use, and comes with the support of an organization that has implemented EDI translation software for over 2,000 companies world-wide. Our EDI translation software is available in manual versions as well as fully integrated EDI translation packages with a seamless upgrade path between the two.

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