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Context! Revolutionizes the way you look at your business:
  • Combine multiple data sources quickly and easily
  • 100% point-and-click is easier to learn, means faster adoption
  • Share your insights using social BI features
  • BI Anywhere with dedicated iPad and Mobile clients
  • 100% browser-based means fast deployments, low TCO

Business Analytics Solutions: The Advance Offering Support Of Your Business

Business analytics solutions have become the more reliable on the complex reports those are related to the analytical needs of your business especially when you are maintain the minimalism and the simple or easy use of the hallmarks of the Microsoft Navision by working within the graphical interface which is similar to the Microsoft outlook. You can gain the 360 degree view of your business performance through Microsoft outlook 2003. You are also able to quick the set –up and the review of graphical display of your reports.

Business Analytics Solutions: To Arrive At The Deeper Understanding

By adopting the Business analytics solutions, users are able to perform on a target based analysis of the detailed information of your daily reports. You are also can form the web viewer to make your decision making process powerful and strong. The decision makers can have the easy access of the critical and complicated Microsoft Navision data which is existed on any location by using the internet connection. The employees are able to gain the accurate and the timely insight figures into your business along with the advanced offerings through with you can tailor the business analytics for the Microsoft Navision to generate the information instantly to have the most relevant information of your data analysis needs or requirements.

Business Analytics Solutions Work As The Prominent Elements For Defining The Strategy Of Your Business:

Business analytics solutions can be a significant tool for defining the most powerful business strategy without waiting for demanding IT department to originate the report of sales for the specific product in the particular region in which you can generate your confidential reports rapidly. You don't need to wait for the end process of the month to evaluate the performances of your sales team to generate the simple and effective analytical views on any time. You can also make the visible sounds of the effective strategic decision in minimum time duration. It also includes the pre defined functionality for normal reports that occurs frequently in which you are able to define the easy modifications in OLAP information cubes to assemble the information needs for the specific criteria of your business.

Business Analytics Solutions: To Sharpen The Competitive Edge With The Effective And Faster Decision Making

The powerful, smarter and faster decision making is very indispensible need of your business and Business analytics solutions can make it on the easy base and instantly to envelop your market needs. By using the data those are stored in your Microsoft Navision, business analytics is very helpful to empower the employees at the multiple levels in your organization to make them more confident in the facts those are originated in the coast of future.

Business Analytics Solutions Are The Basic Need Of Your Company:

It can involve the experiences and contributions of a large group of the employees to drive them towards the goals of your organization at the edge of competitive environment. It can rapidly identify the all trends and spot out the weak areas by taking immediate decisions.

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