Operational Efficiency
Keeping your fingers on the pulse of your services is a critical need in 21st century local government.  Whether you are measuring the time needed to complete street repairs, parollee recitivism rates or emergency care response times, knowing what's happening nad how quickly it's happening is a critical part of modern government.

With EMANIO government solutions you can leverage the power of software that is as easy to use as it is to implement.  Move from tables to charts and to interactive dashboards with just a few clicks and give your users the power to make decisions when it matters - right now!

Stop Wasting Millions of Dollars
The challenge of business intelligence and data management has not changed for the past three decades.  Data warehousing projects are still seeing failure rates as high as 90% in government and business intelligence deployments seldom acheive more than 20% utilization.  You need a new way of doing things.

EMANIO takes a different approach.  Not only do we build softwaree that revolutionizes how you look at data, we also approach projects in a way that saves you millions and yields success.  That's why EMANIO has acheived a stunning 90% success rate in deployments and is helping drive a revolution in how local government uses data.

A Revolution in Use
Business intelligence and data management products are known for one thing: how hard they are to use.  It always means having to hire specialists, relying on the vendor's professional services teams and becoming wholly dependent on expensive third parties.  At EMANIO we think that's wrong.

EMANIO solutions are always designed from the perspective of the user - first.  That means we pay attention to details that other companies ignore.  For example, highlighting key data in a large table report can be done in just a few clicks, no scripts, no programming, no PhDs.

Open Government in one Click
Becoming an "open government" agency is no longer considered avant-guarde, it's now mandatory.  Taking your data and creating interactive dashboards that are useful for your citizens without breaking the bank, however, can be a challenge.  Unless you happen to be an EMANIO client that is.

That's because our products are 100% browser-based.  They live behind your firewall, on your servers, but leverage the full power of internet technologies to help you share your data with the World.  Publish reports and dashboards to your web site with one click or enable mobile reporting and analytics without having to write a single line of code. It's Open Government done right.

Leverage the Power of Maps
If you work in Governemnt you are probably all too familiar with three little letters: GIS.  Most government agencies have already invested millions in powerful mapping tools to create sophisticated location-based analysies of their data.  But how do you get the most return from that investment?

EMANIO solutions are designed to work with your existing GIS infrastructure.  Our dashboarding and reporting platform seamlessly integrates with platforms like ArcGIS® to help you leverage the GIS work you have already done in powerful new dashboards and reports - and all without writing a single line of code.

Safeguard Current Investments
If your agency or local government is like most of our clients you have a myriad of systems scattered through dozens of locations and ranging in age from a few months to decades old.  How can you possibly integrate such a dizzying array of systems without starting from scratch?

At EMANIO we understand the challenges of government budgets. So we design our software platforms to seamlessly interact with systems of just about any age.  From mainframe DB2 systems to ultra-fast NOSQL databases we can help you build a seamless reporting and analytics infrastructure that will hide the complexity and help you focus on making faster, better decisions.

Complete Affordability
The nightmare of government agencies is the failed project. It's all too common to hear of multi-year projects that cost millions of dollars and acheived little if any benefit.  Stop the waste cycle.  EMANIO products and services are designed to be affordable from the very beginning. We can often acheive better results than our largest competitors at less than 1/3 the cost.

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