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Sales Executive Dashboard Examples

Among executive dashboard examples the sales dashboard is probably the most well known. More than any other executive dashboard examples the sales dashboard is designed to provide information from both a historical and a future-looking perspective. The metrics tracked in executive dashboard examples focused on sales are often associated with performance management as it relates to sales metrics. An executive dashboard example for sales might provide measurements on sales by region, sales by sales manager and other key measurements of sales performance against quota and against other key measures for the organization.

Finance Executive Dashboard Examples

Finance executive dashboard examples on the other hand are far more concerned with providing information that the organization tracks on a regular basis including average days outstanding and other measures of cash management. Finance executive dashboard examples are often the easiest to find since the finance dashboard is often the first executive dashboard that is often deployed.

Marketing Executive Dashboard Examples

Marketing executive dashboard examples on the other hand are not as easily found. It's fairly typical for larger organizations to want to track marketing performance, but executive dashboard examples focused on marketing for even mid-sized companies can be difficult to find. Like any executive dashboard, any executive dashboard examples for marketing will highlight key metrics that the marketing organization will want to track like return on marketing investment, a measure of how profitable any given marketing campaign has been. Marketing executive dashboard examples should also highlight product marketing based metrics like average gross margin and margin per product.

Operations Executive Dashboard Examples

Operations executive dashboard examples are mostly focused on productivity. The executive dashboard examples for operations will often highlight metrics like defect rates, parts built per employee and other measures of efficiency and productivity. Operations executive dashboard examples can be as challenging to find as marketing executive dashboard examples since typically larger organizations are the only ones using operations dashboards. Any executive dashboard examples for operations, however, will be good starting points for the planning o any executive dashboard, whether the metrics are focused on small or larger companies.

IT Executive Dashboard Examples

IT executive dashboard examples are similar in nature to the executive dashboard examples for operations in that they will most likely measure efficiency and highlight critical areas. Unlike other executive dashboard examples, the IT executive dashboard examples should provide examples of measures that an IT department would need that related to operational efficiency of systems the IT department is responsible for. The IT executive dashboard examples should provide easy to read gauges and dials that will provide information on system uptime, network load and other metrics that affect how efficiently the infrastructure is working. IT executive dashboard examples should also include alert trigers to give the IT staff ample warning of out of normal conditions.

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